Welcome to our Wind Farm Tours and Deep Sea Fishing Videos from Brighton Marina. South Coast Boat Hire for days out on the UK Coast and Channel

Our Rampion Wind Farm Tours will take you to Offshore of Brighton Marina to the location of the 116 wind turbines that each sit on top of a foundation fixed into the seabed

Part One of a three part epic story following the adventures of Terry “The Cod Father” Lee and host, Will Johns, as their crews battle with monster Cod and cracking Ling. Also Features young Marcus who out-fishes just about everyone, including his Dad!

Deep Sea Angling SeaBreeze3 has a good reputation for its large catches of Cod, Pollack, Ling, Bass and Big Conger Eels

Deep Sea Wreck Boat Fishing for Pollack aboard “SeaBreeze3”. Boat Hire out of Brighton Marina. Includes footage of Will’s 20 lb 6 oz Monster Pollack! 2nd February 2009. SeaBreeze3 is filled with the latest electronics, GPS, tri-colour sounders, auto pilot, two navigators, two radios, telephone, radar etc, life raft and full safety/first aid equipment, are an important feature of the boat

The wrecks off the Sussex coast hold some of the best Conger Eels Fishing locations in the UK. Ranging in sizes from 30 to 100 lbs, you can see from some of the video these fish are excellent sport and probably one of the most powerful fish that we catch in our waters

Mini Shark fest! 22+ Smoothounds caught on light tackle aboard Brighton boat hire premier fast cat “SeaBreeze3” Features Ten year old Sean and his first “Smoothy” ! With music by Will John

During the months of January to July, the Pollack arrive in large shoals chasing around the many wrecks off with Sussex Coast, Fishing Trips Brighton Marina

Pollack action Sea Fishing aboard Brighton’s fast catermeran “SeaBreeze3” . Skippered by Terry Lee, this film features Ruth, Ash, Pat (Banana Man) BUDDAH and the boys with our sea fishing trips from Brighton Marina. Also see Will land a 12lb pollack on sabiki wings! (mini feathers)