Conger Eels Fishing from Brighton Marina

The wrecks off the Sussex Coast hold some excellent Conger Eels ranging in sizes from 30 to 100 lbs. You can see from some of the photographs that I have caught many Conger from 40 to 96 lbs. These fish are excellent sport and probably one of the most powerful fish that we catch in our waters. They are big, mean fighting, machines that do not know the meaning of the word QUIT. Hook into one of these over a deep-water wreck and the fun will start. Get the fish away from the wreck and into open water and it should be yours. But!!!!!. When you have a large conger on you will know all about it, as people will tell you who have qualified into the British Conger club, with Eels of 40 lbs. and over. Some of the larger Eels sometimes get the better of the most experienced anglers that is probably why they keep coming back time after time, to catch that big one that got away

South Coast Conger Eel Fishing Day Trips Sussex

The first and second world war wrecks off the French coast provide excellent Conger Fishing and the vast majority of these wrecks are outside the reach of most usual day charters. On these wrecks, the Fishing is virtually untapped and the Conger can grow very large and will test an angler’s tackle and ability to the limit. Fishing close to the French coasts will usually entail the anglers booking one of the speciality day trips, or even a two day Conger hunt

The Tackle:
These fish require some serious equipment. Ideally you will need a good quality boat rod of 50 to 80 lbs. Line class and 4/0 or 6/0 reel loaded with good main line of 50 to 60 lbs. Terminal tackle should consist of a short mono-filament trace of 250 to 300 lbs, crimped to 10/0 hooks and some 4/0 snap swivels and a leader of 100lbs mono at least 10 ft long to enable the fish to be controlled at the boat. A butt pad is essential, as these are very powerful fish and the fight could last some time

Bait Required:
Ideally the bait should be freshly caught Mackerel either fished whole or prepared into flappers, head and guts sections or just filleted. Cuttlefish are excellent bait and these can be provided in advance. Other small bait fish such as pouting will also catch these hard fighting fish