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Ground Fishing Trips from Brighton Marina

Ground Fishing Trip If you are looking to book a Ground Fishing Trips from Brighton Marina as a new or experienced angler, then why not try round our Reef Fishing and spend some time relaxing or learning about Fishing from us, aboard Seabreeze3. Our Trips can provide more time Fishing and less time than steaming to deep sea wrecks off the Sussex Coast. These Ground Fishing Trips can produce a wide range of species, such as Plaice, Whiting, Huss, Black Bream, Bass, Mackerel, Congers, Cod and more…

In January/ February we will generally fish for winter Cod and Whiting and Huss, providing the great British weather allows us to. We then move on to March and Ground Fishing season starts to change, as we will start to see the arrival of Black Bream

Reef Fishing

The Black Bream are a fast biting, hard fighting fish which can be caught either inshore off the South Coast early in the year when they come into spawn over the rocky marks. Bream are excellent sport on light tackle and make very good eating, the best bait is fresh Mackerel, Squid and Cuttlefish cut into small strips, Hermit Crab tails will take fish inshore. Baits for Reef Fishing should either be used single or in cocktails with the squid acting as a flag. Generally the Fishing is carried out whilst at anchor or drifting

Ground Fishing Trip Plaice can be caught on the drift or at anchor, baits used for this are black lug or rag worm tipped with squid and spoons on the drift

Tackle required: Inshore the angler could comfortably use light tackle of 12lb line class rod or light up tiders

Bass can be caught on live Mackerel, or sand eels and red gills fished over the shallow water wreck or on the Reefs and Grounds marks during the warmer summer months making excellent sport while Bass makes excellent eating

Bait required: Live Mackerel, Sand Eels, Red Gills or plugs

Sussex Coast Ground Fishing

All Ground Fishing equipment can be supplied however any loss of rods or equipment will be charged accordingly

Pollock Fishing

All prices are subject to change. Departing for the Sussex Coast from Brighton Marina our day and Fishing Trips may vary in price related to the distance traveled on the South Coast

Please Note. A cancellation of a booking requires 30 days notice to receive full refund

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