stags parties

Stag Party Brighton

Make a day of of your Stag Party in Brighton. The Skipper knows all the best wrecks if you fancy fishing plus we have rods available for hire on-board. If you just want a leisurely cruise to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, we can provide a long trip along the Sussex coastline, taking in the Marina, Brighton, West and Palace Piers, Seven Sister Cliffs and the two Beachy Head lighthouses can make a memorable day out

Stag Parties Sussex

Before or after for Stag Parties departing from the Sussex coast there are many pubs, bars a casino and ten pin bowling to further entertain your day


Deep Sea Fishing Charter

Latest electronics, GPS, tri-colour sounders, auto pilot, 2 x navigators /radios, telephone and radar. We specialise in Fishing in Brighton and have a reputation for impressive catches for Cod Fishing, Pollack, Ling, Bass and big Conger Eels

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Ground Fishing Trips

For those who are new to Fishing Boats or an experienced angler, try our Ground Fishing or Reef Fishing Trips, you can spend time relaxing or learning about Fishing such as Plaice, Whiting, Huss, Black Bream, Bass, Mackerel, Congers and Cod Fishing

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Mini Cruises and Day Trips

Mini Cruises and Day Trips

The Sussex Coast has plenty of dramatic and Panoramic Views, dotted with historic sights like the West and Palace Pier, Belletoute and Beachy Head Lighthouses, the Seven Sisters Cliffs. An ideal opportunity to unwind with a glass of chilled wine or a cold beer

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Cod Fishing Trips

Cod Fishing

Cod must be the best known of all the fish swimming around our coasts. These fish can be caught all year round at anchor or on the drift, using baits and artificial lures. If you intend to book a Cod Trip so that I might advise more fully into the tackle requirements

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Pollock Fishing Trips

Pollock Fishing

During the months of January to July, the Pollack arrive in large shoals chasing and gorging themselves on the large shoals of sprats that can be found around the many wrecks off the Sussex Coast, ranging in size from 8 to 20 lbs

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Turbot Fishing

Fishing for these King Flat Fish from Brighton Marina is a great day out! It’s a more relaxing, exciting way of enjoying a Brill Fishing or Turbot Fishing trip about 20 – 30 miles or so off the coast during the mid to late summer

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